Pei Ying & Jia Hong’s Wedding Dessert Table

I get so excited every time one of my friends gets married (especially when they ask me to do up a dessert table for them)!

The theme of this dessert table was supposed to be aviation and the bride wanted it to be blue and white, but there was a budget so I didn’t want to go overboard with the props. We had to make do with what we had and made this very cute cloud cake topper that accompanied the strawberries and cream cake which was covered in blue/white ombre to look like the sky. The rest of the blue/white elements are mainly from the flowers as the rose and raspberry cake is so pretty I didn’t want to cover it with buttercream! Oh yes, the food tags are also hand painted and written, which were painted to mimic the colours of the sky from sunrise to midday.

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A lot of people must be wondering what a london fog cupcake is! It’s an earl grey milk tea cake with a very heavily vanilla scented buttercream.

And what was also the people’s favourite that day was the Smores cupcake which was a rich chocolate cake with scatters of biscuit (made from scratch), dark chocolate filling and a toasty marshmallow meringue (my signature!) topping.
10801766_10153007953356622_5273569455766187432_n 14952_10153007953296622_6429725351910257745_nOn a more personal note, I really hope to set up a dessert table in better lighting or in natural light! Nothing beats capturing food kissed with the soft rays of natural light in pictures! ^.^

Pink & White Wedding Cake for Pei Ying & Jia Hong


This cake is so gorgeous that we need to give it its own post!

The lovely bride decided on a simple pink and white cake that we spruced up with trimmings of pistachios painted gold and some lush deep greens. We were so fortunate on the day that the flowers were purchased, there were these beautiful soft pink and white eustomas that we just knew the cake had to have because these flowers really reminded us of how elegant and soft spoken Pei Ying is, and thankfully fit the decor of the banquet hall too! Oh, and also, the cake is filled with a deliciously moist red velvet cake, vanilla cream cheese and raspberries wedged in between and covered in my favourite trusty old buttercream.


Theme: Pink/white


Photo by Peiying’s brother

Hope everyone’s enjoyed these visuals!