Cake party at dapper coffee

Honestly, when you’re really running a legitimate business or working for one, you do have to put certain fantasies aside and work with whatever you have. This chocolate raspberry cake adorned with rose buds and dried grape fruit sure doesn’t look like a chocolate cake, but that’s all we had.  


I’m so sorry if you’re wondering why there’s grapefruit and roses on a chocolate raspberry cake. But I must say the dried grape fruit look cute stuck on the sides like tiny fan-shaped windows. The (self-declared) house specialties sitting behind are the matcha berry and twix cake, also lemon meringue tartlets and the new Favourite cos it’s Ramadan season and dates are dirt cheap – sticky banana and date pudding with vanilla-rum sauce. It’s kind of a cross between banana bread and date pudding (cake). The sauce is a must! Although it’s a replacement for a nice heaping scoop of ice cream, it ain’t too shabby either.