Playing with eustomas

If you’ve been following this page since February, this cake may seem a little familiar. When people request for designs, they like to ‘choose from a catalogue’. But I try my best to create something new each time or at least change certain aspects of the design. I always give my 200% for all my projects but, I still always look back and think about how I can make it better.

Anyway, the bride, who happens to be my lovely friend from nursing school, Connie, asked for the pink and white cake with more gold! Of course, I had to whip out my gold leaf and gold dust. Also, if anyone’s curious, the flavour is also pink forest!!

Wish you all the best connie! ❤

Baby Vera’s First Month

Embracing simplicity with this clean cake covered with yellow buttercream, and adorned with powder pink and white eustomas. Nothing too lavish, perfect for a little girl’s celebration.

The pink forest flavour (rose, raspberry and pistachio) is sitting under the yellow buttercream.  Would’ve loved to take some photos of it sliced.