Jeremy & Larissa’s Dessert Table: 8th August ’15

Theme: Wildflowers – pink, green and orange
JandL Dessert table

We didn’t manage to take pictures as we set up just before the crowd came out so that the cream didn’t melt in the heat! But thankful that everyone was so ravenous that they didn’t bother so much. Haha. We have handmade tartlets (assorted fruits),  macarons (earl grey lavender and vanilla raspberry), dark chocolate bundt, brownies, millionaire’s chocolate cake, red velvet cupcakes; rose, raspberry and pistachio cupcakes, apple crumble loaf and lemon drizzle loaf cakes.

JandL Dessert table1


Red Berries & Chocolate Cake

Revisiting one of the first cakes I ever really made and frosted as a whole: the raspberry and chocolate cake. Possibly my most favourite flavour to date! Tangy raspberries with sweet bitter chocolate cake. ❤ This cake also happens to be the cake the I brought over to my interview at Maple & Market. The fuel of my obsession. Memories ~

Raspberry choc
Have a great weekend everyone!