S’mores Cake & A Cake Glazing Tip

We’re taking a short hiatus from homestolife’s H cafe this weekend. We’re extremely sad about it! But we’ll be back with more exciting goodies. 😀

version 1: pink and peach smores cake

This is the S’mores cake. If anyone still remembers the s’mores cake that I dressed up with fresh flowers a few months ago, this is what it actually looks like without its floral get up. I honestly prefer simply decorated food that is fuss-free from mouth to fork. The moist chocolate cake is filled with an updated version of the biscuit cream, sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon; dark chocolate ganache and toasted marshmallow frosting!  

Things to take note of when glazing a cake is to make sure that your cake’s frosting has set in the fridge or freezer for at least 5 -10 mins (in the freezer) or 15-20 mins in a cold fridge.

 If you are using chocolate ganache, glaze, hot fudge drizzle or whatever glaze you have make sure that it is NOT hot or even warm. A warm drizzle will DEFINITELY melt your cake and you’ll risk having droopy cake edges. All your effort frosting it straight and neatly will have gone down the drain!

Second, if you are going to be toasting your meringue that is sitting atop the chocolate drizzle like this smores cake, please freeze your drizzled cake first before piping and torching your meringue! If you notice it start to melt slightly, stop torching and put the cake back in the fridge/freezer promptly. Chill until cold and then start torching again! It’s a painful process, but so worth the effort!

Chocolate Glaze Recipe for a 6″ Chocolate Cake
100g high quality dark chocolate (best 55%-60% couverture)
70g unsalted butter

Slowly melt chocolate with butter until smooth in a microwave oven (20secs per blast) or over a water bath (pot of boiling water not touching a bowl that sits nicely on top of the pot), set aside to cool, but not harden and glaze on a chilled cake, spreading glaze out to the edges with a frosting knife allowing it to drip to the sides.

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