Recipes & Reality

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been fighting for my dream in San Francisco after I ended culinary school and also ended my time making cakes for all occasions while I ran Little Favors. Things have changed. Time has changed who I am.

I wanted more and I was searching for knowledge. I left Singapore to do that. The produce here is absolutely amazing. We get so much fresh fruit, vegetables, milled flours that I’m so extremely spoilt for choice. There’s a whole new spectrum of flavours here that you can never get in Singapore. It’s piney, vegetal and coastal if I could describe it in three words. The taste and smell of terroir has not been this evident until I moved here.

When you walk along the coast, you are instantly hit by the briney breeze, eucalyptus and coastal plants. When you stroll through the redwood forest, your senses are overwhelmed with pine and other various barks.

I suddenly immersed myself in foraging and was obsessed with capturing the scent of a moment. And that’s when I discovered Pascal Baudar. An amazing man whose life goal is to spread the foraging movement to ‘prevent food waste’.

“There’s so much edible non-native plants that we aren’t consuming! Isn’t that food waste?”, he said.

Why are we paying so much for oaxalis and nasturtium when it’s essentially a weed!

I worship him!! I was so inspired that I decided to make my own mountain syrup with pink peppercorns, pine, madrone bark, juniper and some lemon peel. It tastes like a walk through the forest.

I’m thankful for all these experiences I’ve collected throughout my time here.

Now, we’re all indoors, trying to prevent the spread of an invisible war. It’s unusual for us to not be social and not do things. What we can do is bake!! Full tutorial is on my instagram highlights. @littlefavors



Sift A together.
Mix B in a separate bowl.
Combine A with B until no more flour pockets are visible.
Spray a 4 Qt baking tin with oil or brush with butter and place batter in tin.
Preheat an oven to 170C.
Bake for 30-40 minutes until center is baked through.

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