Ethel K.
Pastry Chef

“Brown is the colour of delicious beginnings.”

Times have changed and I’m no longer baking cakes and presenting lavish dessert tables.

Back in the day, I acceded to the requests from family and friends taking shape in the form of cake since I was a teen. Everything that I have learnt has been learnt through perseverance, albeit flower arrangements which was taught by my lovely aunt from colours n blooms.

Since 2017, I’ve worked in fine dining kitchens and spent a year at Quince, a 3 michelin star kitchen, as their pastry sous chef. Now, I’m continuing to pursue my pastry dreams in San Francisco.

This is a page paying homage to cakes and desserts that have been baked with love for my friends to provide visual pleasure for the discerning eye.

Ask me anything,

littlefavorsbyethel { at } gmail { dot } com

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