Cake party at dapper coffee

Honestly, when you’re really running a legitimate business or working for one, you do have to put certain fantasies aside and work with whatever you have. This chocolate raspberry cake adorned with rose buds and dried grape fruit sure doesn’t look like a chocolate cake, but that’s all we had.  


I’m so sorry if you’re wondering why there’s grapefruit and roses on a chocolate raspberry cake. But I must say the dried grape fruit look cute stuck on the sides like tiny fan-shaped windows. The (self-declared) house specialties sitting behind are the matcha berry and twix cake, also lemon meringue tartlets and the new Favourite cos it’s Ramadan season and dates are dirt cheap – sticky banana and date pudding with vanilla-rum sauce. It’s kind of a cross between banana bread and date pudding (cake). The sauce is a must! Although it’s a replacement for a nice heaping scoop of ice cream, it ain’t too shabby either.

Desserts at Homestolife: H Cafe

Raspberry Red Velvet
Raspberry Red Velvet

We’ve been busy tinkering about in the kitchen lately, but we’re happily serving up deliciousness at Homestolife at I12 Katong! Their lovely shop is filled with Scandinavian-esque furniture and little trinkets, we or at least I fell in love with the shop. Yes, I DO need that hexagon marble platter… that I cannot find space in my house for… #hoarder. Anyway, here’s a visual feast of the cakes we’ve had displayed on the shelves at Homestolife over the past few weeks.

All time favourite millionaire’s chocolate cake AKA twix cake
Lemon, raspberry and meringue tarts
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Rose, raspberry and pistachio cake – rose sponge, raspberry cream and pistachio drizzle
Lime, raspberry and coconut cake
Classic Blackforest Cake, chocolate sponge, poached cherries, cherry liquid, kirschwasser, vanilla whipped cream, dark chocolate ganache.
Chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel tart
Passionfruit and caramelized banana tart with torched meringue
Peanut, caramel, nougat and dark chocolate tart with peanut mousse
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Watermelon, strawberry and grape tart with rose water whipped cream