Aliah’s Housewarming Dessert Table

I’m probably like a broken record now, repeating myself, but I really REALLY love being apart of my friends’ big events in their lives especially when I provide them with desserts. I didn’t get to go down to arrange the table as I was teaching on this day. Popped by Aliah’s place 2 days before to just display the table and keep the flowers in the fridge. It always makes me feel happy when people can’t wait for the desserts and attack it while it’s being set up (according to Aliah, that’s why the cookies didn’t fill the top). Also, she couldn’t decide on the theme, so I chose it for her. Rustic and whatever caught my eye on that day, which was purple / grey toned flowers! I absolutely love it.

IMG_9633Featured in this table would be brownies (plain and with peanut butter), bite sized earl grey tea cakes, sea salt chewy dark chocolate chip cookies, lime meringue tartlets (with handmade crust!), rose, raspberry with pistachio cake and orange, almond passionfruit bundt.

 IMG_9582 IMG_9593

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