Cake & the Candy Forest

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Sierra’s Love

I feel extremely honored when someone asks me to repeat a design that I’ve made before. This cake is named after the lovely girl who first asked me for this design. This time, it was for a wedding instead of a birthday and I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s topped with toasted meringue, pink popcorn, pistachio buttercream, pistachio macarons painted gold, tea flowers, blueberries, dried rose petals, nectarines and strawberries with a pink white chocolate drip. 

These over-the-top cakes shall now be called The Candy Forest.

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After drizzling so many cakes over the past few years, I’ve  finally learnt that the best ratio for the chocolate that I use is about 5:2 (white chocolate:cream). And the most important trick is to let it really cool down to room temperature (28C in Singapore) before drizzle it on your cold cake. Use a piping bag or a squeeze bottle really helps with the control of the drizzle.

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Beneath the cream is our earl grey cake! Still a crowd favorite amongst the lovely people here!

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