Hannah’s first birthday

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve made macarons. The request was pastel for Hannah’s first birthday. Had to choose foliage to match!

The pink macarons are filled with a mixed berry ganache, green with dark chocolate and green tea, blue with dark chocolate and sea salt.

I love filling macarons with ganache much more than buttercream. It’s rich yet smooth and flavourful.

Blueberry Tart

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I love fruit tarts as you’d all know by now! I had some left over tart dough that I cut into circles and froze in between parchment from the last time I made strawberry tarts.

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I coated the tart shells in matcha white chocolate from glaze that I made from the matcha financiers (love things with multi-purposes). The coating helps it to stay crisp in the refrigerator. And filled them with blueberry jam and vanilla pastry cream.

Berry jams are so simple to make! These were quite tart so I cooked them with 25% sugar and a splash of lemon juice to finish.


These taste better once they’ve sat overnight and are fully refrigerated.



Chocolate & Lavender Cake

I’m so careless with typing recipes when I get so excited to share things that I miss out a couple of ingredients here and there sometimes. Just a disclaimer, I am not and never have accepted any sponsorships to do or promote anything and I would not do it unless it’s something I truly believe in. I do not get paid or receive any benefits when I share these recipes either. I’m purely doing this out of the spirit of sharing during this hard period we’re all going through. I have only ever sold the bakes I’ve made. I’ve never believed in ‘advertising as money’. It may be a long term investment, but it also has its risks which I did not feel was necessary to take back in the day as I was doing more than I could cope with. So pardon my mistakes! And let me know if you’ve spotted one – like did you forget the sugar? or eggs?

This chocolate cake is SO simple to make, you don’t need a mixer, you really only need a whisk and a bowl. Because I baked it in a sheet tray, it left me many options to the sizes I could build. I made a tiny cakelet and a 4″ layered cake. I could have made another 2 more cakelets, but I saved the rest wrapped up and placed in the freezer.

If you don’t like lavender, leave it out. But I find the floral flavour of lavender so delicious with dark chocolate. Lavender almost has a ginger-esque/rosemary quality to it. It’s such a complex flavour. Used in moderation it’s luxurious, and too much it tastes like soap. I steep it to taste, most timings I place are just a general guide, so follow your taste!

Chocolate Cake
Yield: One 1/4 sheet tray – 9×13″


95g Plain yogurt
55g Water
137.5g Sugar
72.5g Oil
2ea Eggs


20g Cocoa powder
102.5g Plain flour
3g Salt
4g Baking Soda

Whisk wet in a bowl, sift dries into wet and whisk until smooth (stop when it’s smooth, don’t overwhisk it)
Line a quarter sheet tray with parchment and pour cake mix in
Preheat an oven to 350F/170C
Bake cake for 18-20 minutes or until set

Lavender Dark Chocolate Cremeux
Yield: enough to pipe two 3 layered 4″ cakes

250g heavy cream
250g milk
1 TBSP lavender buds, gently crushed
100g yolks
50g granulated sugar

325g dark chocolate

Make an anglaise by placing cream and milk into a pot with lavender buds and bring up to a boil
Steep for 5 minutes
Strain and measure the milk-cream mixture again, top it up with milk to make 500g
Place in a pot and bring up to a boil
Whisk yolks and sugar together
Temper yolks by whisking hot milk in 3 small additions then bring back to the pot and cook until 80C
Immediately strain hot milk mixture over chocolate and let it sit for a few seconds
Whisk until smooth, place a piece of plastic wrap touching the surface of the chocolate and refrigerate until set
Once cooled, place a piping tip into a piping bag and fill bag with cremeux


Freeze or refrigerate cake
Cut circles out by using a cutter or a bowl to trace a circular shape
Pipe cremeux
Repeat two more times for a 3 layered cake
Refrigerate to set
Temper at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving, or have it cold straight out of the fridge with a glass of cold milk
The texture of the cremeux should be pipable out of the fridge, if not let it sit on the counter until it’s soft enough to be piped