Playing with eustomas

If you’ve been following this page since February, this cake may seem a little familiar. When people request for designs, they like to ‘choose from a catalogue’. But I try my best to create something new each time or at least change certain aspects of the design. I always give my 200% for all my projects but, I still always look back and think about how I can make it better.

Anyway, the bride, who happens to be my lovely friend from nursing school, Connie, asked for the pink and white cake with more gold! Of course, I had to whip out my gold leaf and gold dust. Also, if anyone’s curious, the flavour is also pink forest!!

Wish you all the best connie! ❤

Edric & Xuezhen’s Pancake Stack

I asked them, “Why a pancake stack?”

Well cake is too heavy for a morning solemnization so a pancake stack it is!

This fluffy stack of pancakes is filled with vanilla creme patisserie and dark chocolate ganache. We made a strawberry and raspberry compote and filled a jar with honey to place on the side for guests to take however much they want. I personally like to drench my pancakes with syrup, but that’s just me!

  Deciding on the colors for the couple usually isn’t the easiest task. Everything that you can find on the net is usually pretty much a carbon copy of each other.

I really enjoy creating cakes with whatever I have and with whatever is in season! Many people don’t realize that depending on where you are, what season it is, whether it’s a busy holiday, will give you different flowers. The best possible way to work around this is to choose a colour scheme and not the type of flower, unless you’re willing to pay an exorbitant amount for choice.

That’s the pancake stack! Congratulations to the lovely couple again!


* UPDATE 8.12.15 *

View more photos of the loaf & pancake stack that Edric & Xuezhen got for their wedding spread at The Wedding Scoop! Photos taken by the wonderful Samuel Goh.

Marie & Jonathan’s Wedding Cake

 3 of my favourite things (if the rustic style can be considered as a “thing”) are probably, Rusticity, Roses and Raspberries. I especially adore dried roses and I absolutely would not know a world without them now.

This cake was created with Marie, the lovely bride. They had a ceramic cake topper which was assembled on-site which is why the top was left empty (although I kind of like it this way).

The cake layers are flavoured with earl grey tea and lemon and the cream is mildly scented with lavender. Too much lavender renders its flavour to be soapy. I love how the upward strokes of the cream lends it a really rustic look.