Hannah’s first birthday

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve made macarons. The request was pastel for Hannah’s first birthday. Had to choose foliage to match!

The pink macarons are filled with a mixed berry ganache, green with dark chocolate and green tea, blue with dark chocolate and sea salt.

I love filling macarons with ganache much more than buttercream. It’s rich yet smooth and flavourful.

Dawn’s Birthday Cake: The Pink Forest Cake

There are some times I just want to slap myself when people ask me questions and I stutter or reply with my tongue twisted. Sigh.. This time round I was probably star-struck. And there is a difference between being shy and rude. I’m just really shy…

I’ve been extremely blessed to have met Cheryl, who created this cake with me for her boss, Dawn as a surprise! Cake is always a good surprise. I love it when people have their full trust in me to create something for them. It doesn’t matter who it is, but I will always give my 110%, no less. Cheryl and her friend searched through my library of cakes and threw some pictures of my rose and raspberry, raspberry chocolate, rose and pistachio cake and I figured things out from there.

Could see the rough idea and went ahead with the rose, raspberry and pistachio body since we chose that flavour. The dripping green liquid is pistachio ganache made with handmade pistachio paste. And once again, melding my three loves ❤

I’m so glad that I bought that bunch of forest plants and used it to make a bunting! My all-time favourite so far. Enough words, just pictures.