Playing with eustomas

If you’ve been following this page since February, this cake may seem a little familiar. When people request for designs, they like to ‘choose from a catalogue’. But I try my best to create something new each time or at least change certain aspects of the design. I always give my 200% for all my projects but, I still always look back and think about how I can make it better.

Anyway, the bride, who happens to be my lovely friend from nursing school, Connie, asked for the pink and white cake with more gold! Of course, I had to whip out my gold leaf and gold dust. Also, if anyone’s curious, the flavour is also pink forest!!

Wish you all the best connie! ❤

Juliana’s Birthday Cake: Peach & Pink

This week’s colour scheme seems to be following a pattern! Nevertheless, I love it! This 6″ rustic pink & peach Smores cake was done for my ex-school mate Julie! We use to sing together in choir… good times! Really really miss it.

Beneath the rustic cookie cream, is moist chocolate sponge, dark chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow frosting and handmade shortbread.

Always get distracted while I’m in the cold room. FOCUS!

Dawn’s Birthday Cake: The Pink Forest Cake

There are some times I just want to slap myself when people ask me questions and I stutter or reply with my tongue twisted. Sigh.. This time round I was probably star-struck. And there is a difference between being shy and rude. I’m just really shy…

I’ve been extremely blessed to have met Cheryl, who created this cake with me for her boss, Dawn as a surprise! Cake is always a good surprise. I love it when people have their full trust in me to create something for them. It doesn’t matter who it is, but I will always give my 110%, no less. Cheryl and her friend searched through my library of cakes and threw some pictures of my rose and raspberry, raspberry chocolate, rose and pistachio cake and I figured things out from there.

Could see the rough idea and went ahead with the rose, raspberry and pistachio body since we chose that flavour. The dripping green liquid is pistachio ganache made with handmade pistachio paste. And once again, melding my three loves ❤

I’m so glad that I bought that bunch of forest plants and used it to make a bunting! My all-time favourite so far. Enough words, just pictures.