Baking for Dapper Coffee

IMG_9561So for those who are curious about what I actually do, I bake, I teach and I set up dessert tables. Also, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more regular updates.

My super duper talented secondary school friend, Christine, offered to let me bake for Dapper Coffee which she’s running now at Amoy Street and this is where I currently bake at (psst, we are also looking into holding classes here!)

All pictures were taken by Christine and Sufie ^.^ All cakes decorated by me.

Hazelnut chocolate cake
Butterless Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

I will just let the rest of the photos speak for themselves!

.IMG_9577  IMG_9562  IMG_9576IMG_9564  IMG_9575IMG_9563  IMG_9567

The menu at Dapper Coffee is ever changing and super mouth watering and the drinks are so bloody brilliant as well! Really love the infusions they make with their dehydrated fruit. And their cold brew is banging. It’s a pity that their shop lot is on the second level and passers-by can’t peer into their super chill instagram worthy interior. They are not your usual cafe. I urge everyone to just pop by, at least once!


73A Amoy Street, Second Level


Lunch: 12pm-4pm