Jeremy & Larissa’s Dessert Table: 8th August ’15

Theme: Wildflowers – pink, green and orange
JandL Dessert table

We didn’t manage to take pictures as we set up just before the crowd came out so that the cream didn’t melt in the heat! But thankful that everyone was so ravenous that they didn’t bother so much. Haha. We have handmade tartlets (assorted fruits),  macarons (earl grey lavender and vanilla raspberry), dark chocolate bundt, brownies, millionaire’s chocolate cake, red velvet cupcakes; rose, raspberry and pistachio cupcakes, apple crumble loaf and lemon drizzle loaf cakes.

JandL Dessert table1


Jolene & Kevin’s Wedding Cake

Photo credit: JolenePhoto credit: Jolene

I am always thankful when people trust me to create something with them for milestones in their lives. This 2 tiered rustic wedding cake is no exception. Thank you Jolene and Kevin for being so wonderful!

On a side note, must think that I’m crazy about eustomas by now! I absolutely adore them and everyone’s been asking for it! Fret not, this coming weekend we’ll have something different!

The top layer of the cake is filled with rose layers, raspberry cream and pistachios, while the bottom layer is filled with earl grey lemon. ^.^

Update 26/9/15: The lovely bride sent me some pictures from the wedding! ❤

Photo credit: Jolene
Photo credit: Jolene
Photo credit: Jolene
Photo credit: Jolene

Playing with eustomas

If you’ve been following this page since February, this cake may seem a little familiar. When people request for designs, they like to ‘choose from a catalogue’. But I try my best to create something new each time or at least change certain aspects of the design. I always give my 200% for all my projects but, I still always look back and think about how I can make it better.

Anyway, the bride, who happens to be my lovely friend from nursing school, Connie, asked for the pink and white cake with more gold! Of course, I had to whip out my gold leaf and gold dust. Also, if anyone’s curious, the flavour is also pink forest!!

Wish you all the best connie! ❤